Old Forge Style Pizza

6 Cuts with or without onions  $7.25

12 Cuts with or without onions  $12.99

Inquire about making any specialty pizza on an Old Forge Crust.


Gramma’s Pizza Wednesday’s after 4 p.m.  $14.99



Additional Topping

P $0.75  S $1.25  M $1.75  L $2.00  XL $3.00  Trojan $4.00  O-F 6c $1.00   O-F 12c $2.00

Pepperoni Sweet Peppers Pineapple Tomatoes Bacon
Sausage Hot Peppers Ham Spinach Steak
Onions Jalapenos Black Olives Hamburg Meatballs
Mushrooms Broccoli Extra Sauce


Extra Cheese Shrimp